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Laura Matesky Photography
Photgrapher Laura Matesky

About Laura

I am an inventor within an artist. I invent for you.

Purpose. Romance. Charm.

I create my art with the intent of nurturing my obsession: of feeling deeply the beauty and defining character of each soul I come in contact with. And that I translate onto a page that together we call a photograph.

I am a chameleon of sorts. I change with the wind, with my moods. On any given day you may find me dancing about a field barefoot in a white flowing lace dress, but by afternoon I am, camera in hand, capturing someone else's favorite movie scene; while the rest of the world was sleeping I awoke to see the dream.

I love raspberries, dark chocolate and strong coffee. Lace, wildflowers and the sound of waves breaking on the shore--pieces of time etched out that live in our memories.

Moments are my favorite chore. And this is how I see the world--through my images as silent stories.

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